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Craighead has a wide-ranging collection of archives and archival objects from its long history. Since its founding in 1911 there has always been a strong focus on the school’s history and traditions, which in turn has contributed significantly to the School’s culture. With a long-established boarding school such as Craighead, it is not unusual for more than one generation of a family to pass through its gate. Successive generations ensure that a strong sense of recording the past exists within the school. Over the years many items were stored in cupboards and offices throughout the school, but this was clearly not ideal. For this reason a dedicated archives room was included in the new auditorium so that the comprehensive collection of historical records, including uniforms, photographs, sports records, copies of the Chronicle and memorabilia could be professionally stored and indexed in a secure repository. Many of these items were on display during the 2011 Centenary Celebrations.

Donations to the archives are always welcome. The school archivist is David Batchelor and appointments to view items or make donations can be made with the school office.

Shand House in 1916