Counselling at Craighead aims to provide students with the tools to support them to deal with whatever they may be experiencing. No worry is ever insignificant and, if it’s causing concern, 

I am a fully trained counsellor and member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). I am here to listen to and support your daughter, or if she prefers to talk with someone else I can help with that too. It is often the case that as teens grow they find it easier to talk with someone else other than family, and it is so important that they have someone to go to. As the school’s counsellor I aim to empower your daughter with the skills and knowledge to deal with any issues that affect her well-being. Your daughter can see me at any time during the school day, with or without an appointment. Remember that sometimes we all need some additional support and there is strength in recognising this. Counselling is a confidential service (unless I have concerns about her immediate safety when I may need to let someone else know).

Students may self-refer, or you can refer your daughter to me if you are worried about anything. Examples of concerns may be: Grief, homesickness, friendships, social media, expectations, perfectionism, sexual health, low mood, identity, anxiety/worry, insomnia, confidence, anger, stress, divorce, alcohol, illness etc. In a nutshell, anything that concerns her well-being.

We have a superb Wellbeing Website with a well-stocked Parent Portal linking to some excellent websites to support parents ranging from: contacting agencies, Covid-19 advice pages, solo parenting, the teen brain and how understanding the neuroscience can help you with your teen, parenting skills pages, parenting gender diverse teens, staying safe online, grief and loss etc.  The Main page provides a host of wellbeing support for your daughter and yourself to explore too and includes: Important contacts, study skills, relaxation, and a number of excellent short videos covering a host of useful topics. Have a whirl on the PARENT PORTAL or take a spin around thecialis 200mg price

Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything else you would like to know. Mrs J. Grace MNZAC  e: