Our Wellbeing Website

The ‘Wellbeing Website’ provides a place for students and whānau to access information on a range of wellbeing and support topics. Below is an overview of the website and what is available there. Each week we will feature an area of focus on the wellbeing website to help students and parents become aware of what is there and any new features also.

The Parent Portal provides access to websites that support parenting across a huge range of topics from:

  • Understanding your teens emotions
  • Contacting agencies for support for you and/or your child
  • LGBTQi
  • Neuroscience and the teenage brain
  • Netsafe, ReachOut skills
  • Solo Parenting
  • Activities for parents and kids

The Main page has tabs covering a range of topics and information for students:

  • Contacts (Staff and Agencies to contact when things get tough, including CRISIS numbers and some of the main support agencies)
  • Meditations (Relaxation for young and for older teens, including calming music for sleep and reducing anxiety)
  • Origami (Video’s on how to create various origami creatures and objects)
  • Support Sites: for example:
    • Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking and Vaping
    • Anxiety, Stress, Depression
    • Staying Safe and the Law
    • LGBTQi+
    • Support Sites (Church, Police, Young Drivers, Consumer NZ, WINZ, School Leavers)
    • Wellbeing Sites (CALM, Headspace, Youthline, ReachOut, Mental Health Foundation, Smiling Mind, Sparklers etc.)
    • Relationships (Cyber Safety, Bullying, Breaking Up, Romance etc.)
    • Sexual Health for Teens
  • Prayer Site
  • Videos
    • Wellcast Videos (Short animations covering many topics from exam stress, relationships, anxiety, coping with embarrassment etc.)
    • My Teenage Brain
    • Peer Pressure and Relationships
    • Emotions and understanding them!
    • Headspace videos
    • Hauora
    • Sympathy vs Empathy
    • Ted Ed talks and a range of interesting videos
    • Ted Ed riddles
  • Affirmations – Things to tell myself to feel good
  • Study Skills Sites (A range of links to site from: The Khan Academy, S-Cool, How Stuff Works, StudyIt etc.)
  • Study Tips (How to learn more effectively)
  • Revision and Exams (Revision timetables, visualising exam success etc.)

I welcome any feedback and welcome new links that you may know about.

Jo Grace
Guidance Counsellor