With the rugby season reaching a conclusion, participants across all teams deserve a huge congratulations. Craighead performed exceptionally well this year with all grades reaching the finals in their draws and resenting a strong challenge against their opposing team. The co-operation and support displayed by participants of each team was widely noticed, alongside the collective respect upheld by each team for their position.
The Under 13’s team reached second place in the standings, playing against Old Boys in their final on the 15 August. The team displayed excellent offensive and defensive skills against the opposing team however, Old Boys managed to pull ahead against Craighead’s best efforts.
On the 17 August, the Craighead Under 15’s played their final game against the Mid Canterbury combined team. With a final score of 57-22,  Craighead displayed their strong capabilities as a team,
managing to consistently keep ahead of their opposition. The Under 15’s then finished off their impressive season in first place on the standings.
The Craighead Under 18’s team had their final game on the 17 August against the St Kevin’s/ Waitaki Girls’ combined team. With a final score of 34-24, Craighead placed second in the Under 18 standings to wrap up the season. The Under 18’s performed extremely well throughout the season, losing only two of their games with very close scores.
A massive thank you is due to the coaches and managers of all three Craighead rugby teams. Without your support, our teams would not be facing such positive outcomes to wrap up the season. On behalf of all the teams we would like to thank you for your hard work and commitment to Craighead rugby. Thank you to all the supporters who attended our games as well. Your encouragement and cheering is always massively appreciated by all individuals involved in Craighead rugby.