The Craighead 3rd XI had a great season, winning the plate final on Sunday 21 August 2022 and coming 3rd in the South Canterbury Womens’ Division 2 competition.  The winning score was 2-1 over Temuka, which is a women’s club team not a school team.

The team was made up of Year 9 and 10 girls, most of whom hadn’t played with each other before and a few of whom hadn’t played hockey before.  Most of our team hadn’t played full-field 11-a-side hockey before so that was also a challenge.

The girls worked hard over the season on key skills and by the end of season had combined well into a team. The coaches were very proud of the team’s effort and how they worked together to achieve the result they did. All of the girls had the opportunity to experience playing in a number of different positions as the team had 16 players and needed to allow everyone time on the field. The girls coped very well with this and we had some combinations come together in a way that sometimes surprised the girls and coaches alike.  All in all a very successful season which the coaches hope the girls all enjoyed.

Alice Caird