I am so excited to be Craighead’s Performing Arts Leader for 2022. The arts are such a big part of my life. To be able to motivate the school to partake in the arts, and share my own love of music, theatre and performance is an honour. I am thrilled to have as my Deputy and great friend Lucy-Mae, working alongside me. I started Craighead as a shy, reserved Year 7, not knowing who I was or what my passions were. Throughout the years I have slowly found and built up my love for music, drama and performance. This is because of the encouragement of the people around me and through joining choir, chorale, and participating in shows. Very soon, I will be auditioning for NASDA (National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art) and applying to Victoria University to study theatre and anthropology. The next chapter in my life is still being decided but I know my passion in the arts will always lead me in that direction.

Phoebe Evans-Hoeffgen
Performing Arts Leader 2022