It is an honor to be the Deputy Leader of Te Raki for 2022. I have had multiple  opportunities to engage myself in sporting, cultural and extracurricular activities. I am a part of the Cultural, Chapel, Sports and Social committees. I have grown through these opportunities and been able to give back to the Craighead community.

Ever since I was young, sports have been a huge part of my life. Outside of school I have been a member of the New Zealand water ski team for the past 5 years. I have competed at both national and international levels. Sport is truly a passion and I have been fortunate enough to be the Netball Captain and Touch Captain for the 2022 season also. These responsibilities have allowed me to have interactions with not only teachers but my peers and junior pupils throughout my school.

I am aware of the high level of education I have received and are fortunate for the opportunities I have been granted over my years of schooling. I want to have the ability to give back to those who have supported me. I am planning on pursuing a career in nursing when I leave Craighead.

Over my time here I have enjoyed  learning how to build relationships with younger Year groups as well as staff. Personally, these connections have become extremely important and I enjoy being an example for the younger students and to help them build their confidence.

Alex Brown