Craighead Newsletter Article:

I am honoured and privileged to have been appointed to the role of Deputy Head Girl of Craighead for 2022. It is an exciting opportunity to be a part of leading this exceptional school and to be able to contribute to Craighead’s friendly and welcoming environment.

Starting Craighead in 2018 as an eager Year 9 student from Geraldine I quickly fell in love with the supportive environment that has provided me with a strong sense of belonging. This school has quickly become one of my favourite ‘happy places’ due to the extraordinary people that contribute to its culture. Being at Craighead has expanded my vision and encouraged me to work hard culminating in achieving excellence endorsement in both NCEA Levels 1 and 2. Craighead has not only given me the opportunity to succeed academically, but has also allowed me to succeed in all aspects of school life. 

During my time at Craighead I have had the chance to discover my talents and passions. I have been a part of numerous committees that have allowed me to develop and hone my communication skills. Two of my main passions are playing and coaching sports, I find that the happiness others and I receive from this is highly rewarding and always puts a smile on my face. Over the past four years at Craighead, I have had many sporting successes – representing South Canterbury in both netball and tennis, competing in Craighead’s Senior A teams for basketball, volleyball and touch rugby, been a part of the South Canterbury Drama League, competed twice in the women’s adventure race Spring Challenge and gained my Level 1 New Zealand ski instructors. I have also had the pleasure of coaching teams in a range of sports, which has given me the privilege to form strong bonds with girls from younger age groups. 

One thing that Craighead has taught me, and an attribute that I will take away with me, is to always take risks and to try new things. I have always been challenged and encouraged to strive for excellence by my teachers and peers. Being a leader for 2022 I wish to make a difference and to help all students find their happy place within Craighead as well. 

Overall, Craighead has provided me with endless opportunities, skills, knowledge, and long-lasting friendships which I am very thankful for. I now feel that it is my chance to give back to the school, the teachers and the wider community who have supported me in my pursuit of personal excellence over the past four years. I am proud to be a Craighead student and am wearing my blue braid with pride in this my final year as I make the most of my precious time left at school. 

Looking to the future I am looking at potentially studying Architecture at Victoria University in Wellington next year. Overall, I believe 2022 is going to be a wonderful and very memorable year and I look forward to the challenges we are bound to face. I am grateful for the opportunity to support my friend and Head Girl, Alysha Bradley, this year, who is an inspiring young woman with a strong talent in the arts. Alysha and I are also extremely lucky to be supported by such an incredible, talented and enthusiastic year group as well as Craighead’s senior leadership team, staff and our loving families.

Zara Coleman

Deputy Head Girl 2022