In my final year at Craighead I have been appointed the role of Head Boarder. This is a role I have admired throughout my years at Craighead and I am honoured to now be appointed. The Boarding House is a home away from home for many girls, where we rely on each other in many ways. The life skills girls obtain by being part of the Craighead boarding house are crucial and rewarding when it comes to peer relationships and communication. 

I have been at Craighead for almost 5 years now and it has provided me with many opportunities. Some of the things I have been involved in is: Debating, Teen AG, Volleyball, Tennis, Touch and Rugby. These all have made my time at Craighead so rewarding.

I hope to study Environmental Management at Lincoln University next year and I know that Craighead has set me up with the vital skills to settle into this new environment. Craighead has taught me resilience, responsibility and balance, which are values that I will carry with me into my future. But the most important thing I have gained is courage. I have learnt to take opportunities when they arise and put myself out there, and this has benefitted me majorly within school and out of school. I am so excited to carry on my studies next year with the memories and values Craighead has taught me.


Grace Rawlings

Head Boarder 2022