Kia ora

Release the Music is a Charitable Trust helping students achieve musical success and is a charity independent of Mrs A’s Music School.  Three trustees manage the applications and fundraising.

A musical education often involves learning more than one instrument, purchasing music and instruments, preparing for concerts and passing exams. Scholarships help students already contributing significant time and money.

Our Purpose:

  • To encourage participation, training opportunities and excellence in music.
  • To prioritise music lessons for people facing hardship, specific learning, mental health challenges or other disabilities.
  • To award scholarships to individuals or groups to assist with music tuition, examinations, competitions, access musical instruments or other materials required to achieve their musical goals.
  • To support and upskill music teachers in technology or music therapy for the benefit of others within the community.
  • To assist people living in isolated areas who may not have access to music tuition or performance opportunities.
  • To inspire and help people reach their full potential as musicians.


Music students may wish to apply for assistance. If so please contact Jannette Aldridge

Kind Regards

Jannette Aldridge