On Monday night, Craighead were delighted to host and evening with Kathryn Berkett from Engage Training. Kathryn is a mother of two adolescents, with a Masters in Educational Psychology. Kathryn has been working around trauma-informed practice, and training national and international audiences for over twenty years; working with groups such as Police, Teachers, Parents, Social Workers, NZRugby and many more. She also has a TEDx talk online – “Neuroscience of Device Zombies”

“The adolescent years are an incredible time for change. So much is going on for our youth as they transition from children to adults. This session will outline the main changes that are physically happening in their brains and in their bodies. You will be amazed at what is going on, and it will make so much sense!  Understanding the changes, and how they affect our adolescents, will give you an increased ability to deal with the behaviour that results from them. Adolescence is an important time for increasing resilience, so this information will help you support them in this area too. You can  take the information and immediately apply it to your world. Reports of ‘you have changed our household’ and ‘I get it now’ are very common feedbacks from those who attend this session.”

Our Wellbeing Website has a numer of links to the Teenage Brain and Kathryn’s ENGAGE resources page here: Wellbeing Website – Parent Portal

This presentation was well attended with parents from across Timaru. The evening was funded by The Youth Sector Network, Te Rito, and NZAC.

Thanks so much to those who attended.


Jo Grace
Guidance Counsellor