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CDS Connect – Duets 2022! – A BIG THANK YOU!!

CDS Connect – Duets 2022! – A BIG THANK YOU!!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to team up with Starbound Studios, together with their annual fundraiser – ‘DUETS’ to help raise funds for the Craighead Music, Cultural and Arts Departments.
A huge acknowledgement goes to Sheryl and Al Bradley of Starbound Studios for selecting Craighead Diocesan School as their chosen organisation. This is their fourth successful ‘DUETS’ show which they do to give back to our community and for that we are truly grateful.

This was Craighead Connect’s largest fundraiser for 2022, held last Friday at the Landing Service Conference Centre, with the specific focus on raising funds for new musical instruments, Māori traditional skirts and to put towards lighting and sound equipment.
We had a great line up of ‘stars’ singing their hearts out, all curated by the talented duo of Sheryl and Al  – the talent from staff and parents was also incredible! Experienced singers teamed up with first-time singers who took to the stage – they were so incredibly brave!   A lot of time went in to perfecting the performances, with many practices and rehearsals. To the performers – It would not have been an event without you, so thank you all for taking part in this fun evening.

Following on from the singing acts we had a live auction, auctioning off some fantastic items generously donated by families within our school and local businesses. Alongside the auction items we had amazing raffles and an opportunity to go in the draw to win a stunning diamond necklace. We are pleased to announce we raised $15,464.05! What a great result! That will go a long way towards providing new and exciting opportunities for students at Craighead.

A huge thank you to everyone that supported this event in some way – by donating/purchasing raffles or goods and services to auction, to Sheryl and Al, to Jane Bowen and her team at the Landing Service Conference Centre. Huge thank you to our Craighead Connect ladies – Michelle Agnew and Frances Coles who helped with the organising. Special mention to Rebecca Bell and Jessamy Roadley for your help on the night also.

It was not only the money we raised for the school, but having everyone together on a social level, meeting other parents/guests and everyone getting behind this event was hugely satisfying. This is Craighead Connects’s biggest mission to offer different events, small and large to simply get together and build lasting relationships. We look forward to creating more great events so look out for these in the coming future!

Kind Regards
Sarah Pierce                
Craighead Connect – Chair 




Sheryl and Al Bradley

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Chapel Services are compulsory for all students. However, students representing the school (Sport, Cultural or Extra-curricular activities) at these times will be excused.

A written request from parents/caregivers is required PRIOR to the event and should be emailed to the Principal, via her Personal Assistant at: 

We always advertised these events months out from the date set. This is to assist families with advance notice so they can ensure their daughter’s attendance/committment to the school’s Special Character.


Cyber warning – BE AWARE….

Cyber warning – BE AWARE….

It has come to our attention that a number of our student are using the social media app BeReal, and this has raised concerns among our pastoral and teaching staff. This app asks students to sign up to receive notifications at random times to take a photo – this app uses both the back AND front camera, so someone using the camera may not be aware they will be photographed. The photo is then posted to their feed for 24 hours with the motivation being to encourage social media users to curate a feed which is in real time… not edited etc.  Only one image a day can be deleted in order to try and keep things ‘real and authentic’.

Our concerns lie with students being prompted during class time to take these photos as this goes against our policy regarding phones and their usage at school. Despite being a no phone school, we are aware of Year 10s and 11s talking about their BeReal notification that came through at the end of a class. We would like to take this opportunity to remind students that if they are found using their phone it will be confiscated as per our phone policy. The only time students are permitted to use their phones in class is if their teacher has given them permission to do so.


CDS helpers at Sacred Heart Primary ….

CDS helpers at Sacred Heart Primary ….

On Monday 12 September two of our Year 13 students were invited to read at Sacred Heart Primary School’s Book Week. Phoebe Evans-Hoeffgen and Jessamy Roadley were asked to read to two classes which they were delighted to do.  The classes  of Years 1, 2 and 4 students loved Jessamy and Phoebe who read Princess Smartypants  to them; they were praised for their kindness and patience in answering lots of questions.

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Meet our 2022 Student Leaders…

I am the International Student Leader of Craighead for 2022. It is an honour to have such an opportunity.

I have been at Craighead since Year 11. It was not easy for me to be in New Zealand for over two years. Soon after I started to study at Craighead, Coronavirus began to have a huge impact all over the world. During the lockdown, I stayed at the boarding house with other international students. At that time, I got homesick badly, even though I called my family many times a week. My family could not come to New Zealand, and I could not go back to my country. I fortunately went home on the Term 2 holiday this year. Staying away from my family especially when there is a pandemic was really difficult. However, as I got used to the situation, I realised that I was lucky to be here. When I did not understand something, teachers helped me a lot. Also, my friends were very kind to me. I am grateful for having wonderful friends and teachers. Without them I could not stay here today.

I am intending to study media at university either in Japan or Australia next year. I have learned many things at Craighead. I believe this will help me after I graduate school. I hope the rest of 2022 will be great.

Natsuki Nakajima

International Student Leader

Y13 Commerce – Taps into Local Success…

Y13 Commerce – Taps into Local Success…

With the evolution of ‘NZ (Inc)’ there has also been an evolution in the delivery of commerce at Craighead. Across all three NCEA levels the School has embraced exposing the students to the wide range of activities within the commerce framework: accounting, economic theory, exporting, finance, human resourcing, marketing, business management, production development and the value chain.

There has been a drive to take the students out of the classroom, making learning contextual by tapping into the wealth of success South Canterbury businesses enjoy, particularly in the agricultural and primary industries.

Part of this new approach was the Level 3 Commerce visit to the award winning Viberi in Pleasant Point last week. As entrepreneurial primary producers working with blackcurrants, Tony and Afsaneh Howey shared their story of innovation with the students, their identification of natural resources and the way in which they wanted to reorientate blackcurrants in consumer consciousness highlighting its immense health benefits.

In addition to sampling the incredibly tasty merchandise (with permission from the business) the students now assume the role of in-house market researchers and explore, identify and evaluate a prospective export market for their products. In their feasibility study, the students will need to assess the validity of the market in terms of achieving financial targets and broader strategic goals and make recommendations as to the approach. The benefits of such study are farther reaching than just credits. The students gain an understanding of the process of exporting, the hoops and regulations that are required but above the fact that SMEs from rural New Zealand can participate in the world economy and, as young entrepreneurs, they have the confidence to follow their business big ideas.

Craighead thanks those organisations like Viberi who have made themselves available to further our students’ understanding of commerce. We are always on the lookout for businesses who have a story to share and would proudly show our students around their organisation and expand their understanding. If you would like to participate in the education of Craighead students in this way please contact Jayne McNaught at .

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