Our People:


Senior Leadership Team

Ms Lindy Graham


Ms Lara Hearn

Deputy Principal

Mr Andrew Jones

Assistant Principal

Year Level Deans

Senior Leadership Team (as above)

Year 13 Deans

Mrs Claire Spiers

Year 12 Dean

Mrs Holly Scott

Year 11 Dean

Ms Kim Fairbrother

Year 10 Dean

Mrs Susan Tregenza

Year 9 Dean

Mrs Sonia Ottley

Year 7 & 8 Dean

Specialist Roles

Mrs Julie McLean

Director of International Students

Mrs Tracy Dockrill

Director of Boarding

Mrs Kayla Cunningham

Director of Sport

Reverend Lucy Flatt


Mrs Jo Grace


Mrs Claire Spiers

Careers Advisor

Mrs Susan Dominikovich

Learning Support Co-ordinator

Mrs Christine Sparrow


Mrs Gillian Owens

Personal Assistant to the Principal/Enrolment Officer

Heads of Department

Art Mrs Gala Kirke

Drama Mrs Gillian Towle

Economics & Accounting Mrs Sue Reeves

English (Acting HOD)  Mrs Holly Scott

Languages Mrs Bettina Pierce

Mathematics Miss Kelly Dawe

Music Ms Celia Liu


Physical Education & Health Mrs Natasha Johns & Ms Kim Fairbrother

Science Mr Alastair Townshend

Social Sciences Mrs Wendy Johnston

Technology Mrs Katy Gray

Our People:

Board of Trustees

The Craighead Diocesan School Board of Trustees is made up of various people; we have Parent Representatives, a Co-opted member, representatives from our Board of Proprietors, and a student and a teaching staff representative.

As an Integrated school, the Board of Trustee’s main responsibility lies with governance of curriculum delivery.

The day-to-day management responsibility lies with our highly capable Principal and Senior Leadership Team.

As Board Members, we represent all parents and it is vital that we have the opportunity to express your views. To do so, we need to know what they are.

Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time.

Mrs René Crawford
BOT Chair


Mrs Rene Crawford - BOT Chair

Elected Trustee Parent Representative

Mrs Ingrid Hanrahan

Elected Trustee Parent Representative

Mr Quentin Cavanagh

Elected Trustee Parent Representative

Mrs Nicky Hyslop

BOP Chair

My Story

To come….

My Story
My Story

My name is Quentin Cavanagh; I am married to Suzanne Cavanagh. We have two children, Eric (15) who attends Timaru Boys High in year 10, and our daughter Ashleigh (13) who will be attending Craighead Diocesan School in 2018 as a Year 9 daygirl.

Originally from Invercargill we have worked our way up to Timaru, where we have now lived for the last 10 years. We love living here in fantastic South Canterbury.

I work at Fonterra Clandeboye as a Food Safety and Quality Specialist, and have been in the dairy industry for 21 years. During this time I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of roles from Edendale to Clandeboye that have all been challenging and rewarding, and have allowed me to develop a variety of skills that are important in contributing to good governance within a School.

I have had the privilege of serving as a parent representative on the Waimataitai School Board of Trustees for the last nine years, in a variety of roles: of Deputy Chair, holding portfolios including Finance, Health and Safety, and Auditing. All of these are strengths that I can contribute to Craighead Diocesan School as Parent representative. Being part of an effective team on a school Board is very rewarding experience. Some highlights that I am proud to have been a part of include the implementation of Bring your own device (BYOD), a Boiler upgrade, hugely successful ERO reports, and many classroom upgrades over the last few years to ensure the children have a safe and secure and modern learning environment. I am keen to see that all children have every opportunity to succeed in a safe and supporting environment, and with the business skills that myself and the team bring to the table we will continue our commitment to ensure the that we all “Strive for Excellence”.

In my spare time and weekends, I enjoy spending time as a family, flower and vegetable gardening, reading books, and walking with our two dogs, both of which are energetic and playful Spaniels.

I look forward to the opportunity to contribute my experience to Craighead Diocesan School.

My Story

John and I have two daughters at Craighead Diocesan School, Kate (YearlO) and Lucy in Year 9 and another daughter due to commence next year, in 2019.
I have six years’ experience as a School Board of Trustee Representative, three of which I was the Chair of the Cannington School Board. In my time on the Board I become very familiar with the Ministries direction on education and the role that Board of Trustees should play.
If I were to be elected onto the Board of Trustees I would use the knowledge that I have gained previously to work with the other Board members to further develop your children’s education, support staff and enhance the strong links and involvement between school families, the community and the school. I feel that it is essential to have good communication between the Board, staff and school families to ensure that we are all working together to provide quality education for all our children.
I am a qualified Physiotherapist and currently working as the Associate Director of Allied Health, Scientific and Technical at South Canterbury District Health Board. Recently I worked for the University Of Otago School Of Physiotherapy for 10 years as a Clinical Educator for 4111 Year Physiotherapy students. My teaching involvement at the University has given me current insight into Tertiary Education and the expectation for our children in the future. It has also giving a good understanding of the principles behind curriculum development and student assessment.
Seven years ago I was elected by the South Canterbury community onto the South Canterbury District Health Board as a Board member. I am currently part way through my third term. As a SCDHB Board member we are involved in setting policy, approving strategy and monitoring progress towards meeting objectives for Health in the South Canterbury region. This role is a governance role similar to that of a School Board.
Our children are very actively involved in sport. Over the last ten years I have coached netball and served six years on the Tennis South Canterbury Board.
With my previous Board and committee experience, knowledge of education and health I feel I have some skills to offer as a Board of Trustee of Craighead Diocesan School. I look forward to working with you and your family in the future.

Miss Nikita Bent

Student Trustee Representative

My Story

Hi, My name is Nikita Bent. I am currently in year 11. I have been at Craighead for 4 years now. I am looking forward to being the Student Representative for 2021. I am on many committees such as the school debating team, chapel committee, and I am a member of the student volunteer army. I am one of the representatives for the Boarders on the food committee and I am currently one of the three Student Council Representatives for Year 11. I am keen to encourage more input from students and to present their views to the board. I have had practice speaking in front of audiences and know how to convincingly craft a case from my time in debating. 


Mr Paul Dominikovich

Elected Trustee Parent Representative

My Story

With three young daughters attending Craighead Diocesan School I am passionate about girls’ education. My family chose Craighead because we believed it offered our girls every opportunity to achieve success in whatever they set their hearts and minds to. After 18 months I can already say that thanks to the dedicated staff, teachers and coaches, Craighead has delivered.

I have been involved in education professionally for over 20 years having taught as a Mathematics teacher at New Plymouth Boys’ High School before moving to Timaru in 2017 to  be closer to family. After a year as Head of Mathematics at Opihi College, I was appointed   Head of Mathematics at Timaru Boys’ High School where I currently teach and lead a team.

I like to make a positive contribution where I am which means that I get involved in the wider life of the schools I work in and the community at large. At NPBHS I was in charge of student leadership and heavily involved in sport. I was recognised by the NZSS Sports Council for Services to school sport in 2017. Since moving to South Canterbury I have served on the Craighead Sports Advisory Council, coached Volleyball at Craighead, conceived of and helped organise the Caroline Bay Relays and am currently serving as Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee that is bringing NZSS Cross Country to Timaru in June.

Most importantly, I have the skills, knowledge and experience to contribute to the governing of Craighead to ensure that all the girls have equal opportunity to achieve to their highest potential. Education is always in a state of change, and the recent announcements around NCEA are significant. The challenges ahead include but are not limited to maintaining high standards and opportunities for academic excellence at Craighead whilst catering to the individual needs of all the girls, being able to offer an increasing array of subject choices across all curriculum areas, making wise decisions about ICT and student devices, and continuing to provide a multitude of extra-curricular opportunities for both the elite and the participant in sport and culture.

I believe I could be a valuable resource in working with the school to navigate the changes and challenges ahead as your Board of Trustees Parent Representative at Craighead Diocesan School.

Mrs Di Hay

Elected Trustee Parent Representative

Mr James Forrest

BOP Representative on the BOT

Ms Lindy Graham


Mrs Katy Gray

BOT Staff Representative

Mrs Gillian Owens

BOT Secretary (In Attendance)

Board Reports


Audited Annual Accounts for the year ended 2021:

Our People:

Board of Proprietors

The Board of Proprietors has responsibility for the day to day running of the Boarding House and for ensuring the continuation of the Special Character of Craighead under its Integration Agreement.

The Board owns the land and buildings and is responsible for the maintenance and development of the property.

The Bishop of Christchurch is the Warden of Craighead.

Meetings of the Board are not public, but any member of the Board may be approached with your concerns or queries.

Introducing our Board:

Mrs Nicky Hyslop
Board Chairman, Craighead Connect (P&F) Representative

Ms Lindy Graham

Mrs Caroline Ovenstone
Deputy, Craighead Connect (P&F) Representative

Mrs René Crawford
Board of Trustees Chair

Dr William Rolleston
Synod Representative

Mrs Amelia Dale
Archdeaconry Representative

Mr Mark Parry

Mrs Tracy McLeod
Synod Representative

Mrs Margaret Turley

Mrs Ruth Cooper
Old Girls’ Association President

Mr Ross Wells 
Archdeaconry Representative

Rev Josh Taylor
Synod Representative

Mr John Bowen

Mr James Forrest
Craighead Connect (P&F) Representative

Mrs Christine Sparrow 
Board Secretary, In Attendance