Last Friday afternoon we had a Year 7 and 8 Assembly. We do look forward to a time where we can once again have parents and caregivers at these fortnightly celebrations.

Our two Junior Leaders – Alice Claridge and Natalie Koster started the Assembly with a welcome and some information about staying connected. They encouraged the girls to make contact with classmates who are away at present due to Covid.

The two leaders presented birthday certificates and treats to those girls who have recently had a birthday.

Taylor Bolitho from 8SO spoke about a Friday lunchtime club she is starting up. Coming into the cooler months Taylor thought it was a good time to have a weekly club where girls can come along and play board games, complete mindful colouring in, do crafts and just chat. It provides girls from the four classes an opportunity to meet and mingle and form positive connections. I commend Taylor on being brave enough to share her personal story about struggling to make friends when she first started at Craighead. It is fantastic seeing Taylor use her past struggles as a motivation to now help others.

The teachers then awarded certificates to the following students:
Kindness Awards – Juliet Griffin and Isabella Ottley
Growth Mindset Certificates – Isla Cowan and Lily Cunningham

Kindness Awards – Pippa Archibald and Ella Newlove
Growth Mindset Certificates – Bella Hanafin and Charlie Nicol

Kindness Awards – Mackenzie Paul and Harriet Pierce
Growth Mindset Certificates – Eve Andrews and Nikita Richardt

Kindness Awards – Nicole Bradley and Angel Makwana
Growth Mindset Certificates – Jessica Box and Vahini Nadikudi

Each class then showcased work they had been doing. The two Year 7 classes had students share Summer Poems. These were absolutely amazing, with the students capturing the essence of what summer means to them. The feelings they expressed and the imagery they created in our minds was a credit to them.

The two Year 8 classes showcased their Kindness Jars as well as their Biopoems and Jigsaws. The Biopoems illustrated what the girls enjoy and how they feel about various things. The Jigsaws were a visual representation of each girl and what is important to them.

In the attached photos you will see the girls who shared their work in the Assembly. I would like to congratulate them all on their efforts and on being brave enough to stand up and share.

I would like to thank Daisy Collins, Vahini Nadikudi and Taylor Bolitho for their technical expertise in running the Assembly. Daisy also used her creative flair to put together the slides used throughout the Assembly. What wonderful work!

The Assembly was truly a wonderful way to conclude the week. I loved how the girls proudly celebrated their successes. One of the reasons I am passionate about teaching at Craighead is that it is cool to stand tall and shine.