Information on how your daughter can join our community.

Entry to Craighead is not based on academic ability. We enjoy diversity and helping every student to discover her capabilities. There are no assumptions, no limitations. In the Craighead environment, students have the capacity to excel. Indeed, Craighead students perform well above the national average in all subjects.

A Girls' School

Research tells us that single sex schools provide girls with the best opportunity to reach their full academic potential. Girls are more competitive, prepared to take more risks and are more likely to progress through to Tertiary education when they attend a girls secondary school. We are a school that caters specifically for girls, the unique way they learn, the special way they form relationships, and the needs they have as they grow into adults. Learning opportunities are supported by a modern e-learning infrastructure and teaching pedagogy which increasingly allows learning to take place anytime and anywhere through collaboration and innovation. This gives them a distinct advantage for leadership and many careers. Girls do best in Girls’ schools!

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Interested in Boarding? Take a look at our warm and welcoming Boarding House.

We have a number of Scholarships available to current students and new students who have accepted places for the coming year.


Inclusivity sits at the heart of life at Craighead Diocesan School and each year we welcome students from all religious denominational backgrounds.

We aim to provide an exceptional boarding and day education, equipping young women to meet the challenges of life beyond Craighead. As well as a broad academic curriculum, there is a huge breadth and depth to the education we offer, and we warmly invite you to visit us and explore and experience every-day life at the school.

The Admissions Department is the first point of contact for all prospective families. We look forward to guiding you through our admissions process and supporting you and your daughter/s as you begin your journey on becoming part of our Craighead whānau.

Important Dates in our Enrolment process

April - Admission Process begins

Around the end of April each year, we make contact with all applicants on our waiting list wishing to start the following year.

May - Open Day

This annual event is scheduled around mid May and widely advertised, with personal invitations sent to families on our waiting lists.

We encourage all families considering a Secondary School for their daughter(s) to visit us on our Open Day.

30 May - Boarder places offered

Letters offering Boarding places at Craighead for Years 7 & 9 are sent out end of May via email.

1 June - Year 7 Day Girl places offered

Letters offering places at Craighead for Year 7 Day Girls are sent via email to families on our waiting list.

1 July - Year 9 Day Girl places offered

Letters offering a place at Craighead for Year 9 Day Girls are sent via email to families on our waiting list.

Term 3 - Meet the Team

Appointment times are arranged with families who have accepted places for their daughters at Craighead during Term 3. These meetings are a personal welcome to our Craighead family and will be with a member of our Senior and Middle Management Teams.

November - Inauguration Day

Early in November we hold an Inauguration Day for the new students and their families entering the school in the following year.

A Starting At Craighead information pack will be available on the day.

Want to know what it's like boarding at Craighead? Check out our section on Boarding.

Enrolment Scheme

Our Enrolment Scheme details how applications are prioritised as per our Integration Agreement.

Fees & Contribution

Read the details of the fees and contributions here.


Craighead does have a variety of Scholarships available for students. These range in criteria for different Year groups/ Boarders/Daygirls and some with a specific focus i.e. Cultural, Sport. Our scholarships are for current students or students who have accepted places to commence at Craighead in the coming year.


Providing international students with an outstanding education and lasting friendships

International students are given a warm and personal welcome to Craighead. We work hard to ensure their experience with us is successful, meaningful and enjoyable.

All international students are met at Christchurch airport when they arrive into the country. A customised individual orientation programme is put in place upon their arrival at Craighead; we remain close at hand, providing ongoing support, for the duration of their stay with us.

We work closely with international students to improve both their written and verbal English skills, through dedicated ESOL classes. Our International students study the New Zealand Curriculum.

Senior students sit their National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) in Years 12-13 and can attain Levels 2 and 3 as well as meeting New Zealand University Entrance requirements. Subject choices for international students are made collaboratively between the student, the teachers, deans and the international student director. IELTS is offered to senior students who may need this qualification for entry to international tertiary institutions.

Craighead Diocesan international students can expect to be well cared for, well educated and included in a wide variety of activities such as local ski trips and outdoor education camps.

Our Years 7 to 10 international students live alongside other students within our modern boarding facilities, whilst Year 11 to 13 international students can opt for homestay accommodation with local families, if they wish. All International students must spend their first year in the Boarding House, where at each year level a Boarding House Supervisor is responsible for their care and welfare. Supervised homework time is provided as support for academic achievement.

This is a fantastic way to immerse oneself in the culture of your host country, while still being well cared for and assisted in your education.

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